Shine on harvest moon

I was initially going to forgo beta testing.  Seeing as I’m a midwife and believe in low intervention and all that.  But then I continued to have no symptoms whatsoever, and so on Monday I broke down and went in for a beta.  At 17dpo, my beta was a healthy 464 and then doubled beautifully to 1083 two days later.  So despite my apparent lack of symptoms, I seem most definitely to be pregnant.

If pressed, I would respond that my most significant pregnancy symptom so far seems to be a deep love of squash.  Luckily it’s October, and the squash are so abundant and gorgeous in all their farmer’s market glory that I don’t know how anyone (pregnant or otherwise) manages to resist them.  I am eating two to three squash a day (I am not known for doing things in moderation).  I am going through a fierce delicata squash phase (I like them cut into half moons and roasted with a little olive oil and kosher salt sprinkled on top).  Squash are packed full of vitamins and fiber, so there are definitely worse things I could be gorging on.

I also have been burping a lot, which is quite unusual for me.  Every single time I burp it catches me off guard.  I think “huh, that’s weird, I never burp.  WAIT, this is a pregnancy symptom! I AM having pregnancy symptoms!”  Then “I wonder if there’s any of that delicious squash leftover.”  That is my pregnancy thus far.

We have our first sonogram scheduled for next week when I am six weeks pregnant.  I am feeling exited and anxious, but mostly so very grateful to be here.  And I really encourage you to pick up some delicata squash the next time you’re at the farmer’s market.  I bet you can’t eat just one.

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